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Cuộc thi "Green-Talents“ PDF. In Email
Thứ ba, 17 Tháng 4 2018 10:52

Thông tin về Cuộc thi "Green-Talents“ dành cho các nhà khoa học trẻ trong lĩnh vực phát triển bền vững do Bộ Giáo Dục và Nghiên cứu liên bang Đức (BMBF) tổ chức.


Application period for Green Talents Award has now started

Become a Green Talent, promote your sustainability research in Germany and gain exclusive access to a remarkable network of excellent young researchers.

Bonn, 09/04/2018 Sustainable development is the fundament to preserve our earth for present and future generations by finding a balance between the need for socio-economic development and the protection of the environment. These topics of global political relevance demand international research cooperation. With its high-class innovation and research centres, Germany supports great efforts in particular by intensifying international cooperation among the bright and outstanding minds of tomorrow.


The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research has held the prestigious “Green Talents – International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development” since 2009. The award honours 25 young researchers every year. Thus, the Green Talents Competition successfully encourages the global exchange of innovative green ideas from various fields of research. Since its inception, the award has recognised 207 young researchers and scientists from 57 nations for their outstanding achievements and contributions to making their communities, countries and societies more sustainable. The award-winners are selected by a jury of renowned German experts and are granted unique access to Germany's research elite.

The 2018 Green Talents Award includes:

- an invitation to the fully funded two-week Science Forum 2018, consisting of − a visit to leading German sustainable facilities, institutions and companies with exclusive insights on their pioneering research and projects

− individual appointments with German experts of the winner’s choice to discuss possibilities for upcoming research and cooperation

− networking opportunities at the award ceremony in Berlin with participating Green Talents alumni

-  a fully funded research stay of up to three months at an institution of the award-winner´s choice in 2019

- particular access to the exclusive Green Talents alumni network.

For more information please refer to our website www.greentalents.de where both the competition flyer as well as the award trailer are available.

Deadline for submission: 23 May 2018, 2 p.m. CEST.


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