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2021-2022 Ireland Fellows Programme-Asia

The 2021-2022 Ireland Fellows Programme-Asia has just been launched. Under the new Government of Ireland Scholarship Initiative, a number of scholarships to undertake Masters level courses at Irish higher education institutions will be open this year for application from Vietnamese candidates. The Masters are in the following disciplines:
📚 Climate change and Resilience, Environment, Marine, Sustainable Development, GIS
📚 Food Science, Food Engineering and Food Industry
📚 Development studies, Human rights, International Relations, Politics, Public Policy
📚 Women’s Studies, Gender Studies, Equality Studies
📚 International Law, Human Rights Law, Business Law
📚 Sociology, Social Policy, Social Research and related
📚 Business, Economics, Project Management, Strategic Management, Leadership and related
📚 Education
📚 Engineering and Sustainable Technology
📚 Health, Medicine, Pharmacy, Biotechnology and related
📚 Information Systems, Communications Technology, Digital Media
📚 Tourism and Hospitality
⌛Deadline for application: Sunday, 13th September 2020
This is the ONLY Scholarship Programme offered by the Embassy of Ireland